52 Week Self Portrait Photo Challenge – week 11

Couple of months ago, in October/November, I decided to do a 52 week photo challenge. Every week I take a self-portrait. I started out with a photo for Halloween. If you’re interested in seeing all the either entries, then go check out my Instagram page. You have to understand I took these photos in flat or outside without any assistance, expect for one. I take these pictures mostly in the weekend or in the evenings after work.

This week is week 11, and I first tried to make behind the scenes video but ended up taking some quick pics. Whenever I’m taking self portraits, I shoot from my laptop, unless I’m outside. I use a software called Smart Shooter 3. I tried a couple of tethered shooting software and this one is the only one I like. So if you’re a photographer and looking for good tethered shooting software I definitely can recommend you this Smart Shooter!

Behind the scenes
I promise to take more bts photos and some videos next time.

Here’s the photo I took and a little information about the photo.

One of my favourite things to do is reading books. When I was really little I didn’t like reading that much due my dyslexia. But after finding the right books I fell in love with reading books. I have so many books I really need a bigger bookcase! What I love about reading books is, it takes you to sometimes ‘magical’ world. You can just travel to another place by reading books.
Fun fact about this image is, I’m reading one of my favourite books written by the wonderful Ashley Mansour, her book Blood, Ink & Fire debut book is about a world without written words which has been replaced by a ever-present stream of images called Verity. You can find more info at the official Blood Ink & Fire page and even order the book in really awesome book bundles!

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching this.

Until the next one!